I read a great quote today. "...Now is a gift. That's why they call it the present." That's pretty cool, eh?

(this is from 10/31/02 but I needed to store it out of the way):
This is going to sound hopelessly naive, but I'm going to say it anyway. I've been feeling awful, beyond awful, that America did not intercede in Bosnia. But then it occurs to me -- why should we have had to? Who needs to be told it's not okay to build death camps? And if it's the act of a madman, isn't there anyone sitting next to him? "Ah, that's a big negatory on the death camps, Slobadan. Ixnay on the eathcampsday." And if it's a party of fanatics, who's joining it and why isn't anyone slapping them upside the head? Why? Why would anyone under any circumstances need to be told not to 'ethnically cleanse'? (She says, fully aware she's ensconced on Minnesota's near-ethnically cleansed 'Indian Land.' Yeah yeah. I know.)