So I saw the movie "Never Been Kissed" last night, where Drew Barrymore plays a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. Here's the part of the film that really lost me. Near the end of the movie there's a montage of people reading her story and reacting to it, and the voiceover is her reading the text of said story.

It's about the stupidest story ever. If I read that story in the newspaper I'd go, "What?" and throw it away. I can't believe her supposedly hard-nosed editor accepted that. "Moo" that's what I say. So from there on out I didn't care about her, and when the guy goes for her at the end I just thought, well, okay.

I had a nice day yesterday. I was dropping off flyers for the ComedySportz workshops (beginning 6/11!) at the University and I stopped at one of the coffee shops where I used to hang out. I read the paper and watched the rain. It was soothing. I mean, you can't live in the past, but you can stop for coffee.