Dear friends,

Here are three important Jill Bernard Announcements (Bernouncements? Can I say that?)

1) The first four Tuesdays in July I'll be appearing in Melissa Birch's Red Curtain Cabaret at the Bryant Lake Bowl at 9PM, $10. Please come. I'm doing my one-woman improv "Drum Machine" and I'm very frightened.

2) This weekend is the "Look Ma, No Pants" Opera show, 11:30PM Friday & Saturday July 5th & 6th $10, at the Loring Playhouse 1633 Hennepin Ave S. This is the classiest, least crude show we'll ever do, so come now!

3) On July 20th, I'll be sitting in the sand at Lake Calhoun and 32nd Street from 2PM-sunset, turning 30. See image below: