A guy just asked me whether he should charge for his improv classes. Here's what I told him:

When I started teaching improv I had no f-ing clue what I was doing. The funny part is my prices haven't gone up since then, so over time it's like the early students were subsidizing the later students.

Here's the thing. The best part about teaching improv when it's done well is that it's not you unloading a warehouse of information on them. It's you *educing* their style out of them. Educe is the root word of education; it means "to draw or bring out." You're working with what's already there, helping people to shed their inhibitions and do their best improv. Everyone knew how to improvise when they were five years old, you're just unblocking them. You don't have to have three hundred years of experience to say yes to people and show them how to say yes to themselves. At least that's what I believe.