I had an incredible dream last night.
I dreampt that I was scheduled to give a training. My mother was scheduled to give one too. The training before us was this thing where some people just sat in risers as a gallery, and others stood off to the side where we could have limited participation. Twenty or so men in yellow jumpsuits vs. orange jumpsuits were playing this game where you hit a ping pong ball around with your hand. The ball got under the stage and they were all scrambling down there to get it, only a few remained up top. The ball rolled out near me and I popped it up top. It happened again and I did it again. I just thought it was cool, I liked it better when the ball was up top, it could bounce around more. But the players were furious at me. They stopped the game and the leader of the yellow took his goggles off. It was Johnny Cash! He threw me and another guy out. He said to me, "I've seen you, you're smart, you're funny, you're clever, but is there God in there?" I didn't have a real answer for him, and he continued, "Think about your pet. Whatever's wrong with it, that's your problem." In the dream I went to the bathroom to write that down, and the dream continued along a different line.

This dream struck me as very profound. My pet is a fish. It's cold, it can't touch people, it can't breathe out of water. And I thought I had a relationship with the infinite, but now Johnny Cash has made me question it.