The Darlings present

Saturday 6/28 11AM-5PM WORKSHOP: the Improv Teacher Sampler
45-minute sessions with some of Minneapolis' top improv instructors, Stevie Ray's, Butch Roy, Ferrari-McSpeedy, John Haynes, Jill Bernard, plus special guest Daniel Horsey at the Brave New Workshop! No improv experience required. Bring a lunch and any beverages you will require. Only $45.

Saturday 6/28 10PM $15 SHOW: Send the Darlings Packing
A Benefit for the Darlings of Minneapolis Improv on their way to the Toronto International Improv Festival.
An Evening of Improv Comedy featuring the Darlings, Daniel Horsey, the Fancy Boys, and the winner of the "Perform with the Darlings" drawing at the Improv Teacher Sampler! At the Brave New Workshop 2605 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis.

Sunday 6/29 11AM-4PM WORKSHOP: Daniel Horsey from Denver
Make the stage sparkle with life. Create living environments, powerful stage pictures and rich characters. Use moement to add another dimension to your improv. Designed speficically for improvisors, this workshop will integrate exercises into scenework. Plus it's fun. $45.

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Please bring this form and cash or a check made out to the Darlings:
__ $45 for one day
__ $75 for both days