I think perhaps it's important to count how many times leaving American Express makes me cry.
1) Tuesday 2/12, when I sent a note out to the non-Minneapolis colleagues who I don't think got the announcement. I got to say, "You're a hand-picked distribution list, so I can say honestly that I've really enjoyed working with each of you, and I wish you the best."
2) Thursday 2/14, when Jennifer, my BFAW (Best Friend At Work - it's an important element of employee satisfaction) left. She won't be here next week, so this is the last moment we'll be working together. We've decided we'll be BFFAW, the extra F's for Formerly.
3) Thursday 2/21, I made myself cry by listening to Edith Piaf's Non Je Ne Regrette Rien. Naw, I don't regret nothin'.
4) Sunday 2/24, I tried to make myself cry while changing the American Express entry on my resume to past-tense, but it wasn't sad, it was just a little creepy.