Here's a note I wrote my dad, with all the news from Lake Wobe--what am I saying?

I am good! Things are going well. I really like my new part-time job at NCS Pearson in Minnetonka. I was wrong about the website, it's I'm doing secretarial stuff, they're very nice here, and it's a beautiful location - geese, ducks, rabbits, a lake and trees.

In improv news, I've been accepted to teach at the Funny Women Fest in Chicago in July. It's a four-day festival with shows and workshops for women improvisors from all over the country. Super-fun. ComedySportz is moving to a new theater in June, two blocks up the street at Lake and Hennepin, in Calhoun Square Mall. We're all very excited, and scared. It's bigger, more expensive, more legit. I'm sure it'll pay off.

It snowed this week, and will likely snow some more. I don't really mind, because it's that big fluffy melty kind, but it is sort of like 'all right, already!' Work on the Light Rail line continues. They're digging up Nicollet Mall on the North end, I don't know exactly what they're doing. Remember that time you guys visited and we ate at that Greek restaurant, except they'd dug up Nicollet so it looked like a bomb hit it? It's not *that* bad, but it is closed for a bit.

My friend Brian was cast in the show "Triple Espresso," so I'm house-sitting for a few weeks while he's in San Diego. I brought Junior to work, though, because Brian has two cats that would just love to get their paws on some guppy.

Everything else is same-old, same-old. I owe $1000 something in taxes, and $400 to other bills, but I'm muddling through somehow.

Love, Jill