I love NPR so much. One of my joys in life is taking my long morning bus ride and listening to Morning Edition. I love it so much that today I forgot to get off the bus. That's the other joy of my commute, though. The bus driver stopped anyway and smirked at me until I clued in. I love NPR and the bus driver on the 12C 7:31 run. Yes. Joy.

I drank a lot of tiny beers at the Poodle Club last night. They were tiny! Seven ounces! Five for $5. (I almost put five for $5! but I didn't want you to think they cost 5 times 4 times 3 times 2 times 1.) It's early in my research but I think you can still get drunk on tiny beers. I told Michael Warren I loved him about eighty times, and asked if the reason we'd never dated was just because I'm barely human. That's probably accurate, actually.