I thought I should tell you all this, because I'll want you all to be there, to be my partners...

I want to start a Tiny improv studio, in fact it will be called TINY. It will be one answer the questions "What can I do once I've finished classes at the Brave New Workshop/ ComedySportz/ Stevie Ray's?" and "How can we define the Minneapolis style of improv, and how am I a part?" and "How can I infuse my work with an insane amount of joyfulness?" and "How can I work with kids in South Minneapolis to build on to the next generation of improvisors?" There will be classes with the cities' most exciting improv instructors, and specialists in other fields that can enrich our work. There will be discussion groups and benefit shows and a library shelf. There will be anything we want to dream up.

We cannot start TINY right away. First I have to leave - God willing, I'm going to Chicago from September to February to take as many IO and Annoyance classes and other master classes as I can to strengthen my pedigree. After that we have to find a space, maybe just a room somewhere to be TINY's first home. After that comes some sweat and tears and fundraising and dancing, yes, improv.

I'm excited about it. Please post any questions or thoughts you have.