Check this incredibly sweet thing my pal Jonathan Pitts just wrote on the WNEP bulletin board:

Folks, if you haven't seen Jill Bernard improvise, then you are missing something rare and wonderful. She only has two more shows this weekend, and then she's moving back home to Minneapolis.

Jill is one of the best improvisers, actors, performers I've ever had the blessing to perform/create on stage with. Jill's work is always open-hearted, open-minded, and just spot on. She's funny, but she's also wise, and she has the awareness and clarity of an improv Dali Lama, as she sees with compassionate clearness and engaged playfulness the entire scope of the scene, the show, her fellow actors, herself and at the same time, the full possiblities of the very moment of "now". In short, she rocks fearlessly.

She has just two more shows, and both of them are on the same night, so do yourself a favor and come see her in one of them before she goes back to Minneapolis to teach, coach, direct, perform, and in general raise that city's improv level of art and play.

Sat, Feb 21 @ 8pm @ Second CitySkybox

WNEP's "Defending your Life":
Sat, Feb 21 @ 10:30pm @ Lake Shore Theatre