Please come to a special benefit show:

Fire Up the Funny Car

Brave New Workshop (2605 Hennepin Ave, Uptown Minneapolis), 10:30 PM $10

It's a banner year for Minneapolis improv! Four groups from Minneapolis were selected to go to the Chicago Improv Festival - Ferrari McSpeedy (CIF Duo selection), Five Man Job (CIF Ensemble selection) Cordoroy Rogers (CIF Fringe) and Jill Bernard's Drum Machine (CIF Solo selection) - that's a record! That rocks! And I personally will be appearing in four different productions, more than any other female improviser! That also rocks! Alas, gas costs a lot of money, and so do hotels and hot dogs. That does not rock!

Please come out and see these four fantastic groups and give us monetary love to speed us on our way to the nations' largest comedy festival. Also, tell all your friends. The show is only $10, which in Chicago means you can drink two cups of coffee.

Directions: click here