Sometimes the make’em ups mean something

I’m pretty proud of the Drum Machine show at Kitchen Sink last night, it had an actual message. I really wanted to make the opening song part of the ending of the show, some way to bring the audience participation back in and wrap up with a big ending. It just worked out naturally last night that the opening song was about how to measure a man and the middle was about the breaking of the liberty bell. As I was wrapping up, I was thinking about how the Civil War tested what we believed in as a nation, being divided helped us eventually come back together behind what we really really stand for. Coming through that crucible burnt us down to our essence. The fact that we're divided in two right now will be the test of what America is. If you want to see how strong metal is, you have to try to break it against other metal. To see if a car model can withstand a crash, you crash it. I'm not scared about our nation's current divide. I think it's important. We’ve been living unexamined for too long. Drum Machine ended with William Penn and Sam Adams telling a young man to go ahead and break the liberty bell, because it’s the only way to measure what liberty is. That’s pretty cool for twenty minutes out of nothing, eh?