Well howdee do, I won an award.

Chicago Improv Festival "Avery Schreiber" Ambassador of Improv Award

Jill Bernard
April 18, 2005

Avery Schreiber supported all forms of improvisation and sketch and play. Avery was a man who was beloved by all who met him. Avery gave Del his first chance to do a public performance of the Harold. Avery was on Broadway and on television doing variations of improv games. At CIF 2000, Avery sat in the royal box house left and watched every Mainstage show. He led the applause and often went back stage to meet and/or congratulate the performers. Young or old, new or experienced, Avery hugged them all. His presence made everyone smile and spark up to do their best.

Avery wanted improv to grow past his accomplishments. Through his work on and off-stage as a teacher and a performer, he spread the word and the joy of improvisation to all he met and worked with. He became an ambassador for our artform.

This year's inaugural Ambassador of Improv goes to a woman who has attended countless festivals in the past year, even going to Alaska (without a festival), to teach improv. She performs games with ComedySportz, a one-woman show, long-form and experimental improv, always with a sense of bravery and beauty. She does it all. Her "Little Book of Improv" is a small joy. Like Avery, through her work as a teacher, performer, director and coach, whether in Minneapolis or anywhere in North America she spreads the word and the joy of improvisation to all she meets and works with. CIF is proud to present this year's "Avery Schreiber" Ambassador of Improv Award to Jill Bernard.

Jill Bernard performs in CIF's One World on One Stage on Wednesday, April 27 and in Resist Butch on Friday, April 29. Jill will also be teaching the Solo workshop for returning CIF Weekend Workshop students.