"What a stitch!" - Judith Guest, author Ordinary People


HUGE THEATER's production of ORDINARY PEOPLE (BUT NOT), a send-up of the 1980 psychological drama of a family torn apart, received a surprise Guest at the Saturday March 25 performance -- Judith Guest, author of the novel ORDINARY PEOPLE, the source material for the parody. "What a stitch," said Guest. "She was laughing harder than anyone," said Guest's companion.

Directed by Jill Bernard, ORDINARY PEOPLE (BUT NOT) turns the beloved 1980 film's story on its ear. The family copes with, well, you name it -- however trivial, however bizzare, the pathos unfolds hilariously. The show is a marvel of reverse engineering, where trauma turns into laughs.
Brandon Ewald stars as Conrad, the tormented every-youth recently released from the wacky hospital.

Maria Barklie steps into Mary Tyler Moore's cleats as his emotionally distant mother, golf-obsessed and ready to burst.

Minneapolis audience favorite Jim Detmar plays Conrad's father, the ultimate early-eighties sensitive male.

In a brilliant stroke of casting, psychology professor and Brave New Workshop legend Jim Robinson brings his sweater and psychobabble to the role of Dr. Berger, Conrad's psychologist.

ORDINARY PEOPLE (BUT NOT) brings audiences all the crying jags and awkward silences of the original without all that messy genuine emotional impact. Laugh until you cry and then laugh again.

ORDINARY PEOPLE (BUT NOT) opened March 18th and continues at Grace Trinity Community Church 1430 W 28th St. in Uptown Minneapolis, Saturday March 26 and Friday and Saturday April 1 & 2. All show times are at 8:00 pm, tickets $10.

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