"For it is only those who are essentially alive who can discover the real life of those who are 'dead.' That is why, even from a pedegogical point of view, I think that it would be wiser to begin the education of a pupil by first giving him a knowledge of what is, and only then tracing history backward, step by step, to what has been."
From Igor Stravinsky, An Autobiography 1936, Simon and Schuster, Inc.

Mr. Stravinsky has got me thinking. I'm currently reading A Pocket History of the United States by Henry Steele Commager back to front, going to the end of one subchapter, reading forward, and then going one further back. You know what, Stravinsky's right. Thinking about past events with a tighter connection to today, how we got here brick by brick, is much more engaging.

It's all prep-work for a new and improved Drum Machine.